Our Conscious Philosophy

Quality pieces designed to last
HOMAGE offers high quality wardrobe essentials and statement pieces that are designed to last. This is, according to us, the most sustainable thing you can do as a fashion brand. Everything we do is to ensure your HOMAGE item has the premium quality it needs to be worn for years, while aiming to minimalize the impact on the environment during both production and transportation.

Premium fabrics
Using high-quality fabrics is a requirement to make sure the products we make will last for years. Therefore we have carefully selected our fabric suppliers. For instance, for our denim products we mainly use premium denim qualities of ISKO Denim. This fabric supplier is a market leader within the denim industry known for their innovating, high-quality and sustainable fabrics. ISKO’s fabrics are 3rd party certified and the company is fully committed to the integrity and traceability of their fibers and materials used in their products.

Natural fibers
Our collections are for 90% made of natural textiles. Next to cotton, we also use other natural fibers such as modal, lyocell, wool and viscose for our products. On the one hand because we love the appearance, softness and natural shine of these fabrics, but also because they are are more eco-friendly due to the way they are produced.

We also use polyester in our collections, because this synthetic fiber strengthened the quality of the fabric, especially when it is blended with natural fibers. In our denim fabrics, polyester is often blended with cotton for extra comfort (stretch) and it will make sure your HOMAGE jeans will maintain its original shape while wearing. Next to this, polyester is more resistant to wrinkles and shrinking. For this reason our suits are made of a viscose/polyester and wool/polyester blend to combine the benefits of both yarns. At the moment we do not use recycled polyesters yet, because this is a new kind of fiber and for now the options in the market are limited.  

Production made in Europe at certified factories
The materials we are using are mainly locally produced, to avoid unnecessary transportation, but also because we have carefully selected our production countries on the basis of their advantages and specialisms. To be able to guarantee high quality products, we produce our garments for 95% in Europe. The factories we are working with are SEDEX or BSCI certified and chosen based on their working- and factory conditions and high (quality) standards. They are always innovating and have a fashion forward mindset. With our knitwear supplier for instance; we are working with an advanced virtual reality software system that makes it possible to see the outcome of a design before making the physical proto sample.

Ozone Wash
In order to give your HOMAGE jeans a natural ‘lived in & worn look’, we are using new and innovating technics, such as ozone. Ozone is made of oxygen (O2) converted into ozone gas (O3). It has important advantages comparing to traditional wet finishing methods and ‘bleaches’ faster than chemicals and stonewashing. It substantially reduces the consumption of water as well as energy, chemicals, enzymes and stones. Besides all these advantages, ozone is reconverted into ordinary oxygen before it is released into the environment, which makes this method all the more eco-friendly. 

We are planning to work with laser machines as well in the future. Like ozone wash, using laser machines will help to reduce the impact on the environment significantly, but water cannot be totally eliminated yet in the finishing process of a jeans.

Since we are producing in Europe and keeping the distance short, we are shipping our products mostly by land. The cardboard boxes which are used during the transportation of our goods, will be re-used when sending the goods to our retail customers. We are also using recyclable polybags.

Wash & Care
We recommend to wash your HOMAGE jeans as infrequently as possible to maintain the integrity of the denim fabric and also in order not to waste water. If you really have to wash your jeans, make sure to follow the care instructions and do never tumble dry!